09 December 2013
The DCPC is here to stay

The DCPC is here to stay and will not be going away.

The Traffic Commissioners are already imposing conditions at PI on many licenses insisting that operators ensure that drivers comply with the training prior to the September deadline.

Following implementation, drivers who have not completed their training and in possession of their certification will be committing an offence if they drive and operators will be held responsible for not ensuring that their drivers have received the training.

The DVSA (formerly VOSA) will take action against both drivers and operators which may well result in both parties being called to PI where driver vocational licenses could be revoked or suspended and the operator's licenses suspended or revoked and the directors and TM could be disqualified.

The legislation to be used for enforcement is, 'The Vehicle Drivers (CPC Regs 200)7, Regulation 10(2) which states, 'A person who causes or permits another person to drive a relevant vehicle on a road in breach of regulation 4(1) or 9(1) is guilty of an offence'

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