23 February 2015
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ADR Awareness:



The ADR Awareness course is suitable for all staff involved in the carriage of dangerous goods. This course provides individuals with essential information on how to operate safely and in line with legal requirements, ultimately promoting a compliant and efficient business culture.


This 1 day course will run through a basic awareness of ADR, including the legal requirements associated with the Carriage of Dangerous Goods, associated regulations and legislation and an explanation of the different categories.


The course format is a combination of instructor tuition, discussion and interactive elements.


Full ADR Course including Tankers

David Watson Transport have qualified ADR driver training instructors who can provide specialist training.

Our overall average pass rate is 97%, a definite achievement as it’s a lot higher than most ADR certificate training providers, so why go with anyone else to get the ADR licence training you need?

The demand for ADR driver training has risen in the past few years due to the high volume of haulage companies transporting dangerous goods. We recommend that HGV Drivers complete the 5-day course which covers ADR Core, Packages, Classes 2-6 and 8 & 9 With Tanks module. By completing suitable ADR licence training you’ll gain up to 28 hours towards your full Driver CPC, offering valuable experience in the process.

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