30 July 2015


Course to be held at our Earls Colne depot, Essex, with exams held on Friday 18th September at Marks Tey Hotel.

The CPC qualification for transport managers should not be confused with the CPC driver transport training course.

Management Certificate of Professional Competence is the legal qualification for running the modern transport operation. Transport managers to owner-drivers need it and without it, your business could not operate. Undertaking the necessary CPC transport manager courses and becoming necessarily qualified is therefore one of the most essential parts of the management process.

The examinations for transport managers’ CPC courses are held four times a year: March, June, September and December. We deliver management CPC courses to correspond with the examination dates. This has proved advantageous, as the information is still current and relevant. The course runs over an 8-day period, usually based on 2 days per week up to the date of the national examination.

In future, from a specified date, all new candidates undertaking the transport manager CPC training exams will be required to also pass the international element. However, those who held a National CPC on the date specified will continue to be authorised to manage domestic operations and will be permitted to sit the international element to upgrade to the full CPC qualification if they wish to be named on an international operator licence.

Transport managers’ CPC course units cover the following:
Unit 1- Core Unit

  • Industrial Relations & Health and Safety
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Business Documentation, Finance and Accounts
  • Employment Legislation
  • Types of Contract
  • Marketing & Public Relations, Environment Legislation
  • Business Structure & Taxation

Units 2 and 4- Road Haulage Operations

  • Communication Technology
  • Insurance & CMR
  • Maintenance
  • Ancillary Transport Services
  • Costing & Budgeting
  • Drivers Hours, Tachographs & WTD
  • Organisational Structure & People Management
  • Taxation and other charges on vehicles
  • Operators Licensing
  • Carriage of Wastes, Dangerous Goods, Foodstuffs & Animals
  • Drivers Licensing, Traffic Regulations & Accident Procedure
  • Weights & Dimensions & Technical Standards

An optional extra day is offered to candidates attending the full CPC course. It takes place a day before the examination and is spent on revision and practicing previous examination papers. This gives the candidates the chance to ask any last minute questions and to revise in a supported classroom environment.

For more information on our transport manager CPC training courses, please do not hesitate to call our training department.
Our prices are competitive and discounts are available on multiple bookings.

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