Terms & Conditions for Training Courses...

  1. David Watson Transport Ltd (herein known as We or Us) aims to provide high quality, cost-effective training to our customers (herein known as You or Your) and will liaise with You in instances of difficulty in meeting that objective.

  2. All courses require a minimum number of attendees and also have a maximum limit and We reserve the right to ‘top up’ courses where minimum attendance is not met by You.

  3. You may choose to make an exclusive booking at a rate that will be agreed in writing with You.

  4. We reserve the right to cancel courses or revise dates. In the unlikely event that this becomes necessary You will be advised as soon as is reasonably practicable. In cases of cancellation Our only responsibility will be a refund of any sums paid.

  5. Rates for courses vary according to the type of course and number of attendees but will be agreed in writing or electronically more than two weeks prior to the course being held.

  6. Fees are payable by You 14-days prior to the course date. There are no account options for training courses.

  7. A deposit of 25% of the course fee is payable upon booking. Credit card payments will incur a 2% surcharge. Payments made by cheque must be cleared 14 days prior to the course date.

  8. Courses can be arranged with less than 14-days notice, depending on availability, but full payment is required and there are no refund options.

  9. Charges apply where courses or places on courses are cancelled by You less than 14-days before the scheduled date.

  10. We will aim to be fair and reasonable with cancellation charges we apply, but an administration charge of 25% of the full course rate will usually be a minimum charge. Full course fees will be payable if cancellation is made within 7-days of the course commencement date, unless alternative arrangements can be made for the booked instructor or for the course delivery.

  11. Except in cases of extreme emergency, re-arranging courses will incur charges as if it were a new booking.

  12. Where We cancel the course through circumstances that are beyond our control full refunds of fees will be made.

  13. We hold appropriate Public (£10M), Employer’s Liability (£10M) and Professional Indemnity (£1M) Insurance, but will only entertain a claim if it is clear that We have been negligent. You are therefore advised to ensure Your own cover is sufficient.

  14. Where equipment is required (i.e., a lorry), other than standard course equipment, You have the option of providing the equipment or agreeing a rate for us to provide such equipment. The details of such requirements will be agreed in writing well in advance of the course.

  15. Course attendance registers are required to be completed by all attendees upon arrival and feedback forms are provided to assist us in meeting our standards monitoring procedures for the Driver CPC and other regulatory bodies.

  16. On some courses head and shoulders photographs are required for all candidates, which will be taken digitally upon commencement of the course. Photographs will be maintained in password protected files at our training administration offices.

  17. Attendees are not permitted in any unauthorised areas whilst on the course, unless supervised.

  18. Course start times will be advised and at the discretion of the Instructor, late arrivals may forfeit the right to be on the course.

  19. Course duration will be discussed and agreed at the time of enquiry. Courses will include sufficient rest and lunch breaks as appropriate to the course. Some courses include lunch and refreshments and You will be advised of the specific arrangements at time of booking.

  20. Where drivers are attending courses, You are responsible for ensuring they meet all rest and break requirements under Drivers’ Hours and Tachograph Regulations and the Road Transport Working Time Directive. Under the foregoing, Training is deemed as ‘Other Work’ and not rest or PoA.

  21. Courses will normally take place at venues which We arrange, but may also be conducted at venues specified or arranged by you. There are, however, standards that We have to comply with regarding the quality of the surroundings for the course. Where You organise venues, We will supply details of the requirements that must be met to enable Us to hold the course. We will supply You in advance with a Venue Assessment Questionnaire, which must be returned to Us before booking of the course can be confirmed.

  22. When We arrive at a venue that has been arranged by You, an assessment will be made to ensure the information provided on the Venue Assessment Questionnaire is accurate before agreeing to commence the course. Should the venue not meet the requirements indicated or the results shown on the Venue Assessment Questionnaire, We will not commence with the course and all associated costs will be met by You.

  23. All course attendees, whether at Your arranged venue or Our venue must comply with all health and safety legislation and must not endanger themselves or others in any way. We reserve the right to exclude people from the course should they fail to meet basic health and safety requirements.

  24. Where there is a practical element to the course, a minimum of safety helmet, high-visibility vest and safety footwear must be worn. Attendees that fail to provide this equipment may be excluded from the course if suitable provision cannot be arranged. 

  25. Subject to criteria and conditions set by some Examination Boards, delegates may be changed provided reasonable notice is given to Us without additional costs being applied. Where Examination Board criteria and conditions do not permit a change of delegate, cancellation charges will apply.

  26. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of course hand-outs and examination material, what is provided is deemed correct at time of print only, and We cannot accept responsibility for errors or omissions.

  27. Where Examination Board requirements have to be met, We will adhere rigidly to the requirements set and will not enter into any dispute between You and the Examination Board where queries regarding exam content, answers, results or any other disagreements arise.

  28. Signed acceptance of these Terms and Conditions for Training is required at time of booking.

Disclaimer: Training is provided according to approved and/or accredited course notes, however, neither We nor the course note providers can be held responsible for discrepancies as a result of changes in legislation or common practices, or for errors or omissions in the course notes.


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